Ming Yuyan’s pretty face changed slightly, a strong figure at the six-star peak, but a true figure of the highest sage master level. Even any such character could not be dealt with by their entire team. Now two of them appear at once. Behind these two people are eight six-star powerhouses, and hundreds of powerful star realm powerhouses whose strength is at the five-star level.

Hearing this, the two Supreme Masters of the Heavenly Path on the side were dumbfounded. They had never seen Venerable Feng so low-pitched, even if they faced Venerables of the same realm, they wouldn’t be like that, but now they are actually facing the front. This strength is only the pinnacle of the Heavenly Dao, the young man exuding weird thunder light is so respectful.Where is the purple-clothed woman you just saw?The young man\’s voice was low and his tone was full of haste, and the deep anger emanating from his eyes made Venerable Feng and the others feel a tremor of heart.It\’s in the northeast, about a thousand miles away. Venerable Feng said quickly.Thanks!As the voice fell, Lei Mang pierced the void in an instant, drew a long trace, and disappeared in front of Venerable Feng and the others in the blink of an eye.Looking at the thunder light still reserved in the void, as well as the torn traces of the void, the face of the surnamed Feng is covered with solemn color, and the foreheads of the three great figures are already covered with cold sweat, as for the two heavenly Daos. The Supreme Master also reacted at this moment, and his whole body was suddenly soaked in cold sweat.It can tear the void, and also caused the void crack to stagnate for such a long time, even if it is the Venerable Feng, it can\’t reach this level. At most, the void will be cracked, and then it will be restored in an instant.It can be seen how terrifying the strength of the young man who has left. If it weren\’t for the young man to leave in a hurry and directly attack them… As soon as I thought of this, the legs of the two heavenly peaks trembled and they almost fell down. On the ground.The contact has disappeared. Shanghai has searched this area seven or eight times before. Due to the weak contact, it is difficult to determine the direction. It happened to meet Venerable Feng and others, and heard the conversation between two masters at the pinnacle of heaven. Otherwise he will have to look for it for a while.A distance of thousands of miles, forFor Shanghai, who is fully exerting the power of Thor, it only takes three breaths, but at this moment, he feels that these three breaths are so long, because the connection with the purple fox is about to be severed.Purple Fox, hold on…Shanghai gritted his teeth and urged the Thunder God\’s might with all his strength, and instantly penetrated the void, leaving behind a long thunder light….boom……The purple giant fox could no longer withstand the impact of two terrifying forces, and suddenly burst open, turning into purple spots of light permeating the surrounding area, and under the continuous severe damage, the purple fox was dying and exhausted, she was like a sculpture Like, standing high in the sky, her purple dress swept with the wind, and her feet began to harden, extending from the ankles to the calves, like petrification.This is the instant change of the human body of the Sky Fox tribe. Unlike the human tribe, they will leave their bodies after death, and they will be completely petrified after death, and finally turned into fly ash, disappearing into the void.The petrification of the purple fox has continued. As for the two women with fire wing, they have no need to make another move. The purple fox will become extinct, and it will definitely die.I have given you a chance, but you don\’t cherish it. What\’s wrong with following Your Highness, I just want to follow the hopeless owner of the Primordial Heavenly Demon Body.

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