How strong a desolate beast is, at least it is above the realm of the gods, the more powerful even reaches the level of the king, and the stronger is the holy master.

Regarding the eighth floor, Shanghai is not very clear, because Ye Lao gave him only the direction map of the first five floors. After the fifth floor, even Ye Yue, the guardian of the ancient hell, doesn’t know what will happen. Because she has never entered either.But what is certain is that for each additional layer, the danger is hundreds of times stronger. The fifth layer can imprison even the Holy Lord. If it is the sixth layer, I am afraid that only the Supreme Holy Lord can reach it, while the sixth layer and above are the highest. Above the Holy Lord, there are figures like Xuanyuanyi who have reached the level of gods.When Shanghai remembered something, he couldn\’t help but ask: \”Senior, is the place where the immortal burial place is on the ninth floor?\”No! On the tenth floor.Tenth floor? Shanghai asked puzzledly: \”Isn\’t there only nine floors in the sleepy god prison?\”It is indeed nine floors. Nine is the extreme number. It is the ultimate of heaven and earth. It is the largest number. But above nine, there is a hidden layer. This layer is the real burial place of the immortals. It is the dojo of the mysterious person who became a fairy in the past.Xuanyuanyi sighed with exclamation. He ventured into this place all his life to pursue the path of \”immortals\”. In the end, he only reached the eighth floor, and his life was almost exhausted, and he could hardly enter the ninth floor. , It is a great pity for him.In order to survive and find opportunities, he had to seal himself here, otherwise he would have been turned into a pile of bones millions of years ago.The hidden tenth floor is the real burial place…Shanghai looked at the top, of course, he just took a look. He never thought that he would have the opportunity to enter the burial place. Even Xuanyuanyi and other figures comparable to gods reached the eighth level, and he simply couldn’t. Cross the ninth floor and enter the burial place.All he thought was to go to the fifth floor and find the Demon Seal. Although he had to abandon the blood of the gods or the primordial demon body, he was still not reconciled and wanted to give it a try to see if he could not abandon one of them. Next, find a breakthrough.After all, he has the experience of two lives, not as stubborn as the cultivator in the Great Wild World. Although Tiandao is unfeeling, it will still leave a ray of life behind, so he estimates that his own god bloodline has a chance to fit with the Primordial Demon Body, but he hasn\’t found a point of fit.If others can\’t do it, it doesn\’t mean that you can\’t do it, so Shanghai has no plans to give up.Senior, can you see that the blood of the gods I have comes from which god? Shanghai couldn\’t help asking.At this moment, he was quite nervous. After all, it was about his own life experience. As a descendant, Xuanyuanyi had a power comparable to a god, and he should be able to see the origin of his own blood.The bloodline of your body has undergone an abnormal change. It is a mixture of the bloodlines of two gods. Now you have absorbed the power of the god of war, the god of truth and the god of thunder, which has caused even more drastic changes in these abnormal changes. There is a very strong blood in your body, and it should be left by your father\’s generation.What kind of blood is that?Shanghai\’s heart is even more tight. Although it has only been eight years since the intersection with his parents in this life, the memories of those eight years are his best. In his memory, his father is very stalwart and his mother is very beautiful, but with Growing up, the appearance of the two has become a little fuzzy.However, it does not hurt his search for his parents.If I read it right, it should be the blood of Vulcan.

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