Every time I show up, there is always a sensational event. The previous time was to attract the 3000-century powerhouse, and then he was also abolished two heavenly guards. This incident was inexplicably suppressed. Even the hall master is unwilling to mention this matter.

Seeing the whirlpool, Shanghai suddenly felt an inexplicable sense of familiarity. Although it did not emerge at all, he could still feel it.As if, as if I have seen it somewhere.After thinking for a long time, Shanghai still couldn’t remember where he had seen him. He shook his head slightly. He decided that he didn’t want to go anymore, put his mind back, and returned quickly.Big Brother Lin is back. Shen Lei shouted.How about it?Let’s go, it is not suitable to stay here for a long time. Shanghai said in a deep voice. The more he stayed, the more disturbed he became. There were some different changes in the ancient land of Heavenly Prison. These changes are definitely not a good thing. It is better to find the former demon body as soon as possible and get the demon seal, and then leave as soon as possible.As gods, the three people of Shenlei, relying on their own spiritual heritage, also felt something wrong. They couldn’t tell what was wrong, and they didn’t say much immediately, and followed Shanghai along the south side.Under the imprisonment of Wei Neng, Shanghai had no choice but to use the power of physique and march forward with the three people of Shen Lei, which was not too slow.After walking for about six hours, I didn’t encounter any cultivators along the way. This made Shanghai feel even more strange. No matter how big the ancient heaven is, there will be at least three million people under the power of the four realms. These people can’t all come together.If you spread out, you will definitely encounter some of them.Unless, the four domain experts are unlucky and encounter the nest of the forbidden Ghost Tooth one after another, but it is impossible. There will not be two Ghost Tooth nests in one area at the same time.As he walked forward, Shanghai used the Gang Consciousness to scan the surrounding area of ​​100,000 miles. At this moment, the originally clear Gang Consciousness suddenly became blurred, and it seemed to be affected by something. His brows couldn’t help but frowned, and he subconsciously moved the surrounding area. His Gang Consciousness moves forward, but no matter how condensed Gang Consciousness is, it is impossible to see the scene ahead clearly.Brother Lin, what’s the matter? Shen Lei couldn’t help but ask when Shanghai stopped.It’s a little weird in front, follow up and don’t run around. Shanghai took a step forward, but this time the speed was much slower. This is the first time he has encountered this situation since he completed the cultivation of Gang Shi. He couldn’t distinguish the scene ahead. If it is, there may be something foreign.Originally, he planned to change the route, but he sensed that there was no danger there, so he hesitated for a moment and decided to go and take a look.After walking for about fifty miles, Shanghai felt that he was approaching. There was a fault in his field of vision. With his feet on his feet, he jumped to a height of one hundred zhang with his physical strength, when he saw the scene in front of him., The look couldn’t help being more solemn.This is a pit, a bottomless pit, and its width reaches hundreds of miles away.The edge of the pit is extremely peculiar, like a funnel, and the surface is extremely smooth, like a meteorite smashed down, but all around the pit is covered with various crystals, these crystals exude a terrifying aftermath, obviously not The meteorite fell and formed, maybe someone was fighting here, or even fell here.Baili Great Hole, if it were placed in the rest of the Great Wilderness World, it would not be surprising, but in this ancient land of heaven, it would be extremely astonishing.