This kid is simply the nemesis of Wan Gang Temple.

Shanghai quickly released perceptions and urged the wood sacred technique to inspect the surroundings, but found no enchantment and no one.After frowning and making sure that no one was ambushing, Shanghai jumped out of the crack. When he saw the scene in front of him, he was stunned.Brother Lin, why don’t you speak?The three people of Shen Lei crawled out one after another. They just opened their mouths, and couldn’t help looking at the direction that Shanghai was looking at. They were also dull on the spot.The originally clear sky has become dim and chaotic at this moment. Although there is light, it only makes the earth look quite dim. On the top of the void, a series of profound and incomparable runes continue to emerge, like a huge swirl.In the vortex, all the forces between the heavens and the earth were sucked into it, including the three thousand avenues in the heavens and the earth. They were all trapped in the vortex. The powerful and terrifying rules of the world tried to break the vortex, but the power of the vortex was Extremely tyrannical, no matter how many rules of heaven and earth are impacted, it is difficult to break through.This is like the end of the day. Although this weird vortex has no power, it makes people feel terrified at first glance.The world is imprisoned… Shanghai said jerky.Within the range of perception, all powers, including the power of the Great Dao of Heaven and Earth, and the rules, were all imprisoned. He subconsciously released Gang Consciousness, reaching a distance of 100,000 miles in an instant, and within the scope of this Gang Consciousness, all the powers were imprisoned. It’s the same as being emptied.Brother Lin, how could this be…I don’t know. You are waiting here. I’ll go see other places and don’t run around. The bad things in Shanghai’s heart are getting stronger and stronger. Something he doesn’t know has definitely happened in the ancient land of Heaven and Prison, otherwise it’s not. There will be signs of imprisonment between heaven and earth.It is very likely that it has something to do with the force that has just blasted through the out……Under the shattered body, Shanghai came 100,000 miles away, and the vortex was still in the sky. As before, all power, including the Great Avenue of Heaven and Earth, was imprisoned in this vortex, and he continued to use the wasteful energy without giving up. Shattered light technique.After running in about four directions, Shanghai returned to the original place, his expression getting deeper and deeper, although he only ran a few places, reaching a million miles away, but there was the same position as he was originally. All power was evacuated.This is why one’s own power will be imprisoned. Heavenly Prison and Ancient Earth no longer has the power of heaven and earth, and the power cannot react with the power of heaven and earth before being imprisoned.Imprisoning the world…Who did it on earth?Shanghai looks at the void in the distance, is it the Holy Lord Jin Jing?No, although the Jinjing Holy Lord is the Supreme Lord, whose strength is shaking the earth, the Supreme Lord is still in the heaven and the earth, at most it is slightly higher than the heaven and the earth. If you want to confine the entire world, the Supreme Lord will definitely not do it. There is no need to do so.