Many people who performed spiritual consciousness techniques were all knocked to the ground on the spot, which was obviously useless.

What happened?I don’t know, it seems that the ground shook violently.Look, the passage in front has collapsed… Shen Lei shouted.Shanghai looked along, watching the collapsed passages, and couldn’t help sucking in the air-conditioning. The passages here are extremely tough. With full force, it may be able to collapse a certain part of the passage, but the whole passage should be collapsed. No one can do it except the king.All the passages in front of him were collapsed, and the source of power was transmitted from the ground. Although he didn’t know how deep he was in the ground, it should be at least ten thousand feet. It would take about ten and a half months to penetrate the underground, with Shanghai’s capabilities.Under a shock, the earth of Heavenly Prison and Ancient Land was smashed…This kind of ability is no longer something that the king can have, at least at the level of the holy master, could it be that the holy master shot it?Shanghai thoughtfully.If it’s the Holy Master, could it be the Holy Master Jin Jing… If it’s him, it’s quite troublesome, because Shanghai can’t determine the mind of the Holy Master Jin Jing. If the opponent wants to kill himself, just one finger is enough, because The realm cultivation base of the two is too different to be comparable at all.Chapter 0695: The Hand Of The Holy LordFaintly, Shanghai felt bad.Brother Lin, look quickly, there is a crack on it, and light is coming in… Shen Lei suddenly shouted in surprise, while pointing his finger diagonally upward.Where there is light, there is a way out. Let’s go. Shenyun was also excited. After all, she had been underground for several days, and she didn’t see the light all day long. To her who is extremely afraid of the dark, she is even more eager to get from this darkness. Go out through the underground passage.Wait first, don’t go out… Shanghai stopped Shen Yun and the others.Those who can pierce through the heavens and the ancient earth are definitely the worldly figures above the level of the Holy Master. If the situation is not yet clear, if you go out rashly, you will definitely encounter danger.After waiting for about an hour, Shanghai did not see any movement before jumping to the crack, opening the way with two fists, and widening the crack. Compared with smashing open, the cracked area is easier to open up, and most of it There is no need to open up the cracks, because they are enough to hold a person.The ten thousand zhang rift is the strength of Shanghai, and it took five or six hours to complete this vast project.When it climbed to the highest point, Shanghai immediately released its perception, but just as it felt the moment when it touched the outside world, an amazing binding force emerged. The power that was originally running like a big river was suddenly affected by this inexplicable power. The restraint force was imprisoned.This abnormal change caused Shanghai’s mood to sink slightly, subconsciously operating the power, but no matter how he urged, the power in the body seemed to be completely frozen, unable to operate at all, it seemed that there was something in it. The existence of peculiar power limits the mighty power.Fortunately, the power of the body has not been imprisoned, and the perception and knowledge are still intact as before. Could it be that someone has set up an enchantment here? Planning to attack yourself?