What’s more terrifying is that his power seems to be inexhaustible. Thousands of strong and dozens of great figures have already fallen.

The footsteps changed, Shanghai stepped out step by step, and each step moved a long way. Although these steps did not have much effect on the outside, they worked wonderfully in the passage. After all, the passage was extremely special and could not fly, so you could only rely on walking. .Practitioners have long been accustomed to flying by and rarely walk, so that footwork has long been eliminated. Basically, those who learn footwork are extremely low-strength practitioners. People like Si Feixuan simply don’t bother to learn. Any footwork.Under the peculiar footwork of the demon saint, although Shanghai is carrying the three people of Shen Lei, but the distance from Si Feixuan and others is getting further and further away. He originally slandered the inability to use the gang to see the abdomen in the passage, but now he is Thanks for this place, the other party cannot place a spiritual mark on himself, and it is naturally difficult to trace.Shanghai is not afraid of them, but there are still three people of Shenlei. If they really fight against each other, with his own power, he will face the nine people of the Supreme Emperor, and he will definitely suffer. If the other party hijacks the three of Shenlei, then It’s even more troublesome.As the distance continued to grow, there were more and more forks. After passing through several forks one after another, Shanghai finally got rid of Si Feixuan and others.Well, they should not be able to catch up.Shanghai put the three of Shenlei down, the latter’s face paled, apparently still immersed in the battle just now, only after a while, he slowly recovered.Big Brother Lin, you are so amazing… God Lei showed admiration in his eyes.Yeah, that’s amazing. I didn’t expect you to be so strong, Big Brother Shanghai, and not weaker than Senior Brother Gu in our ancient temple. Shen Yun nodded quickly.But Shentian never said a word.You are still young, and when you grow up, you will not be worse than me. Shanghai laughed. At this moment, he was in a good mood. At least he had obtained the Sky Soul Orb in a surprising way, which was the key to resurrecting Mu Ningxue. If it were taken away, it would take years to bring it back to life.The Heavenly Soul Orb is available, and the body of the Saint Elf is also available. Only a few heaven and earth gods are lacking. These heaven and earth gods are much easier to find than the Sky Soul Orb, so Shanghai is not in a hurry. As long as it takes some time, sooner or later. Will find it.About an hour later, the power of Shanghai had been restored as before, and then the three people of Shen Lei walked towards the end of the passage.There are so many underground passages, like tree roots intertwined, and the original road can no longer go back, you can only walk along the front, in order to avoid encountering Si Feixuan and others, Shanghai did not let Shen Lei and others. Separate to find the way.Fortunately, because of too many passages, Shanghai and others did not meet Si Feixuan and others along the way.Three days passed…There are more and more passages. In this period of time, Shanghai and others have no idea how many passages have been taken, and the number of these passages has become more and more amazing. There are too many. In memory, the passages they saw are all There are no less than 10,000.Just as Shanghai led the three of them on their way forward, there was a loud bang, the passages collapsed suddenly, and the huge boulder pressed towards the three of them.boom……Shanghai smashed the boulder.