The separated elders have already returned. When they saw this scene, their expressions changed completely, because the deaths and injuries were too great. With the tyrannical Taikoo demon body, Shanghai would basically ignore it as long as it was not fatally injured. If you are seriously injured, immediately swallow the spirit pill.

At this moment, Shanghai took advantage of his mobility and grabbed the Sky Soul Orb, which was close to his own hundred feet. When he started his hand, a lotus mark appeared in the space in front of him, and the entire space was completely imprisoned, as if he had fallen into it. In the quagmire, the movements became extremely slow.I know you won’t give up, I have already said, I am bound to get this thing.Si Feixuan’s voice came, and she saw her flying past, her speed seemed very slow, but in reality she was astonishingly fast, her beautiful eyes condensed, and her delicate little hand grabbed towards the Sky Soul Orb.As for Shanghai, she didn’t pay too much attention to it. Being imprisoned by the Lotus Heaven Seal, she had at least three breaths to break free, and these three breaths were enough.Really? You may not have a chance. Shanghai’s pupils flickered.suddenly!A shaggy figure suddenly sprang out from behind the roots of the Heavenly Soul Tree, and it was the little beast that had shrunk to the corner before.What… Si Feixuan was shocked.At this moment, the little guy slammed the sky soul bead down from the rhizome. The chubby little hand fished it skillfully, pinched the sky soul bead into his palm, then grinned at Shanghai and turned around. Just ran towards him.The Sky Soul Orb… stop it… don’t let it take the Sky Soul Orb away. Si Feixuan’s pretty face was cold, but she was taken away by this small thing that suddenly appeared at the critical moment, and immediately ordered. , Suddenly, the six big men moved together.boom……There was a loud noise, and the lotus sky seal burst to pieces.He broke his lotus seal…Si Feixuan was stunned for a moment, and when she saw that the whole body of Shanghai was showing a stronger aura than before, she realized that when Shanghai had just been fighting the Supreme Emperor, she had not done her best…call out……The little guy rushed to Shanghai.go!Shanghai waved the avenue and rolled up the three people of Shen Lei. Seeing Si Feixuan and others chasing after him, his eyes condensed. The Nine Demon of the Heavenly Demon waved out and slammed into the passage. The passage that had been impacted by the force suddenly collapsed. , Without even looking at it, he continued to fly by.boom……The passage was exploded, and nine figures swept over. The leader was the Supreme Emperor. This person was full of murderous intent and hatred, and it was obvious that he was going to kill Shanghai.