Leng Yihang’s fingers showed a cold light. Although he didn’t say a word, his approach has shown that as long as these twenty big shots, he will immediately make these people pay some price.

Who are you? King Huopao stared at the purple fox vigilantly. It can be said that among the people in Shanghai, the purple fox that worries him the most is the purple fox, and the fierce opportunity radiates from her. Yes, enough to threaten him.I?Zihu glanced at Shanghai. It looked like he was looking at his beloved person, full of amorous feelings, “It’s his woman!”A simple sentence shocked everyone in the side hall, especially the three kings of Mo Yuan and Huopao. Their expressions became extremely strange. They couldn’t help looking at Shanghai with their surprised eyes, and even their eyes completely changed. NS.Although the purple fox is only a venerable person, it can suppress the aura of the two kings. This ability proves that she is very likely to be a god-defying venerable, otherwise it is impossible to suppress the aura of the two kings on her own. Yes, this has already crossed a level.Such a character turned out to be a woman from Shanghai…It’s incredible.Even the banned Tianyi Saintess, her beautiful eyes were full of surprise, and she also missed her eyes. She hadn’t noticed the strength of the purple fox before, but she didn’t expect that the purple fox was actually a god-defying person. Competence and future achievements are hard to limit.In the impression of Tianyi Saintess, there is only one female venerable who can be compared with the purple fox. With the purple fox’s ability and strength, placed in any super power, she is definitely a figure who is confessed by the high. Volunteer to lower her body, claiming to be a Shanghai woman…In an instant!King Mo Yuanzun and others thought of a lot, especially the identity of Shanghai. They looked and paid attention to him for the first time, and never treated him as an ordinary person at the pinnacle of heaven. After all, who is from the pinnacle of heaven? An expert, can make a woman against the heavens claim to be her own woman.0679 Blood Spirit Beast Devouring EnchantmentPause!The atmosphere is quite strange.The two kings of the gold family were suppressed by the purple foxes, and they did not dare to act rashly, unless they were willing to fight the danger of being severely injured. This might even kill Shanghai, but how easy is it to die in Shanghai?Prior to this, the family of goldsmiths had already obtained some information from Shanghai, and the two kings had read it, and even they couldn’t help taking a breath at the time.The strength of the mere pinnacle of the Heavenly Path, but with an extremely powerful physique, comparable to the ancient beasts, and even with many weird methods, if it can’t be killed by a single blow, it will be difficult to kill.Everyone!Venerable Mo Yuan coughed, breaking the calm, “I all came from the Eastern Desolation. I am a practitioner of the Eastern Desolation. In this Southern Desolation, I can be regarded as my own family. Huang Lidi, if you make a mistake again, it will be a big loss for us in Donghuang. Can you put aside your personal grievances for the time being? Join hands and enter the ancient land of hell?”Venerable Huopao took a deep look at Shanghai, snorted coldly, and then returned his aura, as did King Jinjiao.