Furi glared, his five-zhang body straddled heavily in the dark void, his body like an iron tower was daunting.

Do you dare to kill me? Shanghai looked at the two kings without any fear. It was already obvious that the other party had come to seek revenge.What about killing you?You really think that you have the blessing of the Holy Lord Xuantian, so I can’t help you? Boy, I am afraid your abacus will be lost. Holy Lord Xuantian has already gone to the middle famine, and will not come back in a short time, and I heard that Holy Lord Xuantian His life is about to end, and he can only live for a maximum of three months. The purpose of this trip to the middle famine is to find a life-saving thing. Once the life is exhausted, even the holy lord will be exhausted. Huo Pao Venerable King sneered.Three months…Shanghai’s heart is stagnant.I originally thought that Holy Master Xuantian could live for a few years, but I didn’t expect it to be so short, but where did the King Huo Pao and others get the news? Suddenly remembered that when the Holy Lord Xuantian left, he had gone to the three holy places for an interview.Perhaps, at that time, the Holy Lord Xuantian threatened his lifespan, so that the three holy places withdrew the order to hunt him down.It should be so.In three months, the Holy Lord Xuantian had only three months to live. The heart of Shanghai was full of complexity, and his face was even more bitter and sad. Although he had met the Holy Lord not long ago, the Holy Lord Xuantian treated him extremely. Okay, now the Holy Lord Xuantian is about to fall, which makes him quite uncomfortable. People are not plants, how can they be ruthless.However, this expression fell into the eyes of Huopao Zunwang and the others, but it meant something else, apparently thinking that Shanghai had nothing to do.Now you know, then it’s time to send you on the road. King Jin Jiao’s eyes dazzled, endless metal avenues emerged, and the majestic majesty swept out, turned into a golden spear, and shot directly at To the head of Shanghai.This blow!Even the Venerable may be pierced on the spot, let alone Shanghai.Unfortunately, you may not get what you want. Shanghai said lightly.At this time!A purple chain shot from the side, lightly tapped on the golden spear, and paused for time. The entire golden spear was broken on the spot, and a beautiful shadow emerged from the sky. The vastness of the momentum emerged, and the aura of the two kings was completely suppressed. After going down, even King Mo Yuan who was in the back couldn’t help showing a solemn face.As the Venerable King, he can naturally feel the terrifying and incomparable cohesion of this momentum. What’s more astonishing is that it was sent by a Venerable, and it was the purple fox standing next to Shanghai. Before that, Mo Yuan The king has used his spiritual sense to investigate.Except for Shanghai’s blood, like a dragon, the others are pretty good, but they didn’t notice the aura of the purple fox. In addition, she has been by Shanghai’s side, so she thought she was just a maid because of her temperament and looks. Outstanding, and was taken along the way.But I didn’t expect that this stunning woman who was identified as a maid would have such a terrifying ability.King Mo Yuan can feel it, and King Huopao can naturally feel it, not to mention that their auras are completely suppressed, even if they even push their own auras, they can’t shake this strong and weird aura. .