“Dare you…”

My brothers are going to come and see who they are referring to.Immediately, two kings appeared in the side hall, one dressed in hot fire robe and the other in gold armor. The vast aura filled the entire side hall. Once it broke out, excluding King Mo Yuan and a few others. , Really no one can resist.Said so, but two horrible auras directly pressed against Shanghai.The two noble kings put pressure on them at the same time, and they were so direct and unexpected. It was completely unclear why these two noble kings chose to join hands to deal with Shanghai at the same time.The majesty of the king is so vast, even the momentum is extremely terrifying, even if it is a big man, being photographed by this sudden king’s momentum, he may be crushed and collapsed on the spot, let alone an expert at the pinnacle of heaven.suddenly!An ink-colored avenue rule appeared violently, turning into a tyrannical power, spreading across it, directly blocking the two coercion.The one who shot is impressively King Mo Yuan.Two, this place is our Tianyi Holy Land residence, and I hope the two will give Mo Yuan a little bit of face. said King Mo Yuan.Get out of the way! Huo Pao Venerable King shouted.The violent flames and scorching heat burned the black road rules, trying to penetrate through, killing Shanghai on the spot.Friend Mo Yuan, the two great kings of our golden family died because of this. The sword imperial city secret library was stolen by this son, and the ancient artifacts were seized by his accomplices. You protect him so much. Could this be the same thing as yours? What about the Holy Land? Jin Jiazun Wang said solemnly.this……Lord Mo Yuan was speechless for a while, glanced at the two of them, and shook his hands helplessly. The rules of the avenue suddenly dissipated two auras. This is the limit he can do. After all, Shanghai has no friendship with him, and this matter is It was the enmity between Shanghai and the family of goldsmiths, and he couldn’t intervene.Uncle Mo… Saint Tianyi was startled.Wu Shuang, I can’t intervene in this matter. As Mo Yuan spoke, he casually mentioned that the majestic power swept over and confined the Tianyi Saintess. After all, this matter has nothing to do with the Tianyi Holy Land. Relationship, he didn’t want Tianyi Saint to intervene.Uncle Mo, you… Saint Tianyi was anxious for a while, she wanted to speak, her voice was completely restrained.As for the two great men who guarded the sky, they didn’t care about this nosy. They immediately stepped aside and looked at Shanghai and others coldly. They had known what happened to the goldsmiths in recent years, but they didn’t expect that Shanghai would be so bold. The great king died because of it, emptied the secret library of the sword imperial city, and then took away the ancient artifact.Shanghai, how do you want to die?The King Huopao glared at Shanghai. Although the family of goldsmiths had a profound background, it was extremely difficult to train the two kings. They fell one after another, and they all fell because of Shanghai.