When twenty great figures are talking, they are about to step into the enchantment.

Shanghai suddenly realized that this was a big man against the sky, no wonder he felt an inexplicable threat on him.You must know that the more a person is against the sky, the more difficult it will be to break into the Shinto realm, and it is even several times more difficult than the same realm, but if it breaks, then it is much more terrifying than the great Shinto realm of the same realm.Many people who are against the sky have difficulty breaking through to the realm of Shinto in their entire lives.Even an ordinary person at the pinnacle of the Heavenly Dao has a chance of breaking through to the level of a big figure as low as one in a thousand, and a person who is several times or even ten times more difficult has a chance of only about one in ten thousand. Big figures are extremely rare, and every one of them is the key target of the major superpowers.after all!A big figure against the sky has stronger strength and abilities than a big figure in the same realmNati, their ability to guard against the sky can even cross the border to fight against the strong. It is said that the benefits of the big person against the sky when they break through are more than many times that of ordinary people, and some can even derive a kind of supernatural power against the sky.Overwhelming the same realm, the higher the level of the enemy, once the great figure against the sky reaches the level of the king, it can almost be said to be invincible. There are two such characters in Tianyi Holy Land, and they are sent to the ancient heaven. land.but!Shanghai was puzzled by the fact that he had never met this great figure against the sky, why the other person looked at him with hatred, as if he wanted to tear himself up on the spot.He is the uncle of the former Saint Tianyi… The Saint Tianyi said in a voice transmission.The uncle of Saint Tianyi…Shanghai immediately understood why the other person looked at him with hatred. It turned out to have a close relationship with the Tianyi Saint. It is no wonder that the Tianyi Saint was killed by himself, and it is not strange that the other party hates himself. Things.Brother Yanlou, I recommend Fellow Daoist Lin to add strength to our holy land. Saintess Tianyi said displeasedly: “The past is over. I hope Senior Brother Yanlou will put the overall situation first.”Yan Lou, Wushuang is right. The matter is over. Everything is important to the overall situation. It’s not because of this that it hurts the peace. King Mo Yuan said.Humph!Yan Lou snorted coldly and said nothing.suddenly!Two huge breaths poured in, one was full of endless heat, as if to burn the entire side hall, the other was strong and sharp, full of invincibility, these two breaths , Rushing in on the spot, the whole side hall shook violently, and the enchantment was wobbly and might collapse at any time.Friend Mo Yuan, I heard that you have introduced some strong people.