The six enchantment masters are about to condense the enchantment, shrinking from one hundred thousand li to a thousand feet, and the condensed star power is like a cage.

Shanghai nodded slightly. Before that, he had also heard the name of the King Mo Yuan at the Tianyi Saintess, and this person was also quite famous in the Eastern Wilderness. He is a legend and has cultivated more than 4,000. Years, his strength is extremely powerful, and he is the only king who survived in the Southern Wilderness in Tianyi Holy Land this time.Soon!The group turned to the side hall.As soon as he stepped into the side hall, Shanghai felt an incomparable coercion and two strong auras. The former is undoubtedly King Mo Yuan, and as for the latter, they seem to be two great men with extremely strong auras. It was much thicker than the big people he had seen in the past.Although the coercion is vast and vast, there is no malicious intent.The pace of Shanghai is not chaotic, and he continues to move forward. I don’t know how many kings he has encountered, and he has long been used to the pressure released by the king, so it did not affect him much. As for Leng Yihang and the beast king Feidi, the pace is a little bit. After a pause, he moved on.Only Lone Tooth stopped for nearly three breaths before following it. After all, he was not a person against the sky, but only had a special physique. If the king’s coercion was aimed at him alone, he would have fallen on the spot long ago. Nothing unusual, Lianbu continued to step in.As soon as he stepped into the side hall, Shanghai was stared at by two eyes, and he keenly felt that one of his eyes contained a hint of anger.Chapter 0678 I am his womanYou are Shanghai! This deity heard Wushuang mentioned it, it is really good. King Mo Yuan’s voice was a little hoarse.Shanghai and the others looked at the sound, and saw a dry and weak old man standing on the side hall, wearing a set of white and gold brocade robe, standing on it quietly, giving people a sense of immortality. Permeated with the majestic and majestic grandeur.Especially the pair of eyes, there is a faintly powerful charm circulating.Very strong!Shanghai could feel that the strength of the Lord Mo Yuan might still be higher than that of the Golden Demon Lord, and he might even have understood the stronger rules of heaven.The king lifted it up. Shanghai bowed his hand in a salute.You’re polite. King Mo Yuanzun nodded slightly, saying nothing more.The pinnacle of Heaven? Wushuang, the person you introduced is too weak. Can this person really help us? Could it be that he took the opportunity to enter the ancient land of hell and hell by the power of the Eastern Wilderness? It came from the right side of the side hall that the person who opened the mouth was a big man, but this person was extremely young, looking only 20 or 30 years old.This big man is dressed in a blue shirt, has a fair complexion, and looks handsome, but his eyes are a bit special. They are actually three-color pupils, which are also shining with some strange light, which makes people feel shocked when they see it. feel.It was only outside the temple to perceive it. Now after entering the temple, Shanghai clearly feels that this person is extremely powerful, no less than any venerable, or even worse.The big man!