Luoxie recovered too quickly, and he recovered in a short amount of time, so that the best mobile phone would disappear.

suddenly!As the life-saving secret method was displayed, the stars of the heavens fell and hit the six black-robed elders, but two of them were a step slower and were slashed by the blood on the spot, protected by the power of the pinnacle of the big man. He couldn’t even stop it, and was killed directly.The starlight disappeared, the black robe old man and the other four also disappeared, and their breath was also missing.The blood was gone, and Shanghai appeared.It’s already a hundred thousand miles away… I don’t seem to be able to catch up. Shanghai regained his knowledge, and the black robe old man and others ran extremely fast, even if they hadn’t reached a hundred thousand miles away, with their abilities and strength in the realm of the gods. , If you want to escape, you can hardly catch up.Two Leng Yihang appeared beside him.Brother Leng, Beastmaster, how are you two injured?It’s okay, it’s just a few minor injuries. Just take care of it. Leng Yihang waved his hand.I can’t die. The beast king Feidi still looked cold.That’s good. Shanghai nodded slightly.By the way, Brother Lin, how come these so-called Dongyuan Six Sovereigns will find you? Leng Yihang couldn’t help asking. When they came, Shanghai had already been in line with Dongyuan Six Sovereigns, and they didn’t come too hastily. Ask.That’s it, I’m in Fangshi…Shanghai roughly informed Leng Yihang and two of what they had seen in Fangshi. When they mentioned the Buddha girl Shi Xin, they were surprised.What about people? Beast King Fei Di looked around, and found no trace of Buddha Girl Shi Xin.She has already left, saying that she will meet in Heavenly Prison and Ancient Land three days later. Shanghai said.Before the fight, the Buddha girl Shi Xin left. As for how she left, even Shanghai did not notice, but he was not worried. With Shi Xin’s Buddha power, even if she met a big person, she could protect herself. , But for this woman, he still has some precautions.after all!With the patience of the Buddha’s daughter Shi Xin, preventing her parents from dying in this life was nothing more than a simple effort, but she did not do so, as if she was trying to get rid of the cause and effect of this life, so she did not take action. , But it was too decisive.At this time!There was a wave of movement in the mysterious turtle city, and it was the strong man in the palace of the wild wind that came over through the teleportation array. Although the mysterious turtle city is located in a remote area and is not valued by the palace of the wild wind, a battle between the big figures and the people against the sky took place here, the palace of the wild wind. It is natural to send someone to investigate it.