Shanghai is still in the same place. It’s not that he doesn’t want to take advantage of it, but that Luoxie’s spiritual sense is too strong, and he has reached the level of the venerable, almost not weaker than him. If it weren’t for the cohesion of Gang-consciousness is stronger than spiritual-consciousness. Much, plus the fact that the Heavenly Gang Divine Art can swallow the spiritual sense of the Wan Gang Temple powerhouse, it is really not easy for that strand of Gang Sense to sneak in.

puff……The beast king Fei Di spit out a mouthful of black blood.The corners of Leng Yihang’s mouth also overflowed with blood, and the expressions of the two suddenly became serious. At this moment, the power displayed by the six Dongyuan statues was several times stronger than before. The big figures in the gods realm were really not so easy to deal with.If it were only the pinnacle of the four great men, Leng Yihang and the two would be able to deal with it, but there are two venerables inside, plus the tacit understanding and cooperation of these six people, and the realm gap between the two. As for them, they can barely cope.It seems that this should be my limit. I just barely face a venerable person. Leng Yihang sighed slightly, but he was not discouraged, because his realm is only the middle realm of the Heavenly Dao. When he reaches the peak of the Heavenly Dao , Should be able to deal with a Venerable independently.The strength of the big figures in the Southern Wilderness is much stronger than that of the Eastern Wilderness. Even the six influential Dongyuan Sages have such a strong ability. I really look forward to… the next trip to the heaven and the ancient land… Beast King Fei The emperor’s eyes flashed with a strong fighting spirit.In the Eastern Wilderness, he was completely unafraid even in the face of the Venerable, but after the Southern Wilderness contacted the Venerable here, he realized that the Southern Wilderness is not the Eastern Wilderness, and the strength of the Venerable here is much stronger than that of the Eastern Wilderness. , And this kind of tyrannical, also inspired the beast king Fei Di’s thirst for power.At this time!The power of the six sages of Dongyuan had been accumulated to the extreme, and some meteors that flew by above the sky were shocked by this power.Kaka…The enchantment of Xuan Turtle City is already full of cracks. Many strong people were caught by this force. They vomited blood and fell to the ground. The strong ones have already ran out of the city, avoiding the core of this terrifying force. Land, so as not to be affected.die!The black-robed old man shouted angrily, and the Venerable Might shot it, and the other five also shot together.Suddenly the entire void disappeared, and even the terrifying wind that swayed out was crushed by six shocking powers. Everything in the Wanli area was turned into nothingness, and even the enchantment of Xuan Turtle City was burst on the spot.At this time!The heavens and the earth changed suddenly, and a long brewing force of terror emerged. The six descents of Dongyuan, headed by the black-robed old man, suddenly felt a fatal crisis, and at this moment they are at a critical moment to kill the two of Leng Yihang. .At this critical moment, being attacked by a fatal crisis makes people vomit blood. It’s like being suddenly put on the neck by a deadly blade when preparing to kill the opponent. At the same time as killing the opponent, I would also die.A bloody light appeared between the world and the earth. It was just a trace at the beginning, and it took up the entire void in an instant. It was not a bloody light, but a huge blood-red blade, exuding a suffocating power of terror, toward the black-robed old man and others. Coming horizontally.Life for life?The black-robed old man and others would naturally not do this. The six immediately gritted their teeth, spit out a big mouthful of blood, and withdrew the power they had played. This practice would certainly cause them to suffer a lot of damage, and also Will suffer the backlash of might and be severely injured, but the price is not high compared to being killed.