Everything is back again.

Snow fell in the sky, and Leng Yihang was covered with cold light. Although he only had the strength of the middle realm of heaven, that cold light cut through the power of the big man’s pinnacle on the spot. Mang pointed directly at the peak of the remaining venerable and two great figures.Beast King Fei Di has this ability is enough, but the cold in front of him is not in the middle of the heavens, and he wants to be like the former, with one to three, which makes the three of them angry, and immediately shot with anger, waving the terrifying highway Zhiwei, ready to kill Leng Yihang with one blow.But at the moment when Leng Mang passed through the world, the three people realized how terrifying this Leng Mang was. Its invincible sharpness and coldness had penetrated the power of the road of the peak of the two great figures, and the Venerable’s had blocked it. , But it was almost stabbed.FTLN 0672 I am not a manLeng Yihang and the Beast King Fei Di showed their extreme abilities against the sky, making the six Dongyuan trembles. It was very difficult to meet one of them, let alone meet two, and they showed themselves at the pinnacle of Heavenly Dao. It is not weaker than the power of the venerable level, how rare is this.kill!The beast king Fei Di turned into a giant beast, entangled with the three people headed by the black robe old man, and spiraled into a sky-covering tornado, piercing the void.On the other side, Leng Yihang was like a world-shattering divine sword, and the cold light continued to evolve, constantly bombarding with the power of the other three great figures.The strong in the mysterious turtle city were stunned, and the scene in front of them deeply shocked them.Ten tricks! A hundred tricks, a thousand tricks…The two of Leng Yihang and Dongyuan Six have already fought more than a thousand moves, and neither of them can do anything about it. However, due to the huge difference in realm, the consumption of Leng Yihang and Dongyuan is quite large, plus Dongyuan. The six have known each other for many years and have a high degree of tacit understanding. Under the mutual cooperation, they have actually begun to gain the upper hand.boom! boom! boom……There was a loud noise.The violent power set off a lot of turmoil, Leng Yihang and Beast King Fei Di were shaken back one after another, their faces were a little pale, and they were obviously injured.Behead them two first, and then join forces to deal with that kid.A ruthless look flashed in the eyes of the black-robed old man, and he quickly transmitted the voice to the other five statues. Leng Yihang and the two possessed the ability to threaten them. If they do not get rid of these two, they may pay a little when they join forces to deal with Shanghai. At the price, it is possible to kill these three enchanting guys.good!I have been guilty with the three of them. With the help of these three people, if they reach the realm of Shinto in the future, I will definitely be in trouble, so I might as well cut the grass and root out as soon as possible… The other five immediately agreed.As a big figure, the six Dongyuan statues can only be regarded as the bottom in the realm of Shinto, but they have practiced for more than a thousand years at least, and they are very knowledgeable. They are very clear about the huge potential of the three people in Shanghai. If the three of them grow up Get up, I will find them trouble in the future.The six sages of Dongyuan glanced at each other, and they swiftly staggered their figures. They were in six directions. A terrifying force radiated from them, and even the sky was violently shaken, and the enchantment of Xuangui City There was also a creak, with small cracks all over the place, and the strong men located inside were almost crushed by this force.