“This is my destiny? You made this conclusion too early.” Shanghai, lying on the ground, suddenly opened his eyes.

In the eyes of the black-robed old man and others, even if each of the three people in Shanghai can fight a big man, they can only deal with three people. They are six people in it, plus two sages, occupying the absolute Advantages, how can they be afraid of Shanghai.I won’t talk too much nonsense to you, hand over the storage bracelet, I can still be good later, if I don’t pay, the three will be a pity… The black robe old man said in a deep voice, his tone a little impatient , Obviously he didn’t want to entangle anymore.Brother Leng, Beastmaster, it should be okay for you to deal with three alone, right? Shanghai ignored the black-robed old man, but looked at the two Leng Yihang.Three? Give me all six. Beast King Fei Di’s eyes flashed red, staring at the black robe old man and the others, looking very excited. Since this period of time, except in Wangang Hall One The war can make him happy, the rest of the time is too boring for him.Now there are two venerables and four big men at the pinnacles coming to ask for trouble. How unhappy he is, and he has been stimulated by Shanghai recently. After training for a period of time, his strength has improved a bit, so I want to try. Give it a try and see if you can play against these six with one enemy six.Well, if it doesn’t work, I’ll go up again. Leng Yihang nodded slightly.First, they were ignored by Shanghai, and then the three of them talked unscrupulously. What made the black-robed old man’s face darkened was that one of them was going to fight the six of them by one person. This is more than just not keeping them in sight, it is simply complete Despising their existence.As a big man and a venerable old man in black robes, has he ever been despised since his cultivation? Now he was despised by others, and he was still despised by a junior at the pinnacle of Heaven, and he still brazenly wanted to fight against the six of them.An arrogant and ignorant idiot, still want to make a one-to-six? The deity will take your life first, and the remaining two will be dealt with later.The black-robed old man was furious, and the monstrous Venerable vigorously surged out. The endless black flame enveloped the land of 50,000 miles, and even the sky above Xuanguicheng was covered, and the barrier was burnt intensely by the power of this Venerable Shaking, the strong onlookers were photographed by this force one after another, vomiting blood on the spot.The venerable was furious, and even more terrifying than the big ones, even the high-ranking people at the pinnacle of the heavens could hardly withstand the impact of this force.Death to the deity!The black-robed old man roared again and again, and rushed towards the Beast King Fei Di with the black flames of terrifying and corrosive power. This power can kill even the ordinary big people, not to mention the experts at the peak of the heavenly path. In a flash, the Beast King Fei Di has been The black inflammation was swallowed, and even a wave of waves did not arise.I can’t even let out a fart, and I dare to speak wildly. I really don’t know whether to live or die. The black robe old man was a little happy.You are a little stronger than my noble servant. He can’t help me because you want to kill me? As the sky-shaking beast roared, the black flame exploded, and the beast king was blackened by the black flame. Fei Di appeared in front of everyone. At this moment, his hair had been lost and his skin was burned, but he didn’t even look at it. He quickly passed by, grabbing the black-robed old man with one claw.Blood bursts!With a bang, the black robe old man’s chest robe was scratched, and a long blood-red claw mark appeared. His face suddenly changed. If he hadn’t just sensed the danger and immediately took a step back, I’m afraid he would have been scratched. NS.What is even more frightening is that his own mighty defense was penetrated silently by the strange man in front of him, and it still penetrated directly without breaking the defense.call out……Claw caught again.